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  • Can I purchase cupcakes without placing an order?
    We are a special occasion baker so you need to place an order in advance. We do not have cupcakes to purchase without a placed order.
  • How much notice do you require for an order?
    Cupcakes by K are baked fresh to order. Please give us as much notice as possible to ensure we can meet your order on the date required as we can book out quickly. Of course, if you require an order at the last minute it doesn’t hurt to ask, but please note we do not do take orders for same day pick up or delivery. Please submit the Quote / Order form and we will get back to you super fast if we can help for your date or not.
  • Do I need to keep the cupcakes in the fridge?
    No!!!! Cupcakes with buttercream icing are best eaten and stored at room temperature. Never put our cupcakes in the fridge! You can extend the freshness of your cupcakes by storing them in an airtight container and keeping them out of the sun.
  • Can the cupcakes be picked up the day before?
    No! Like a fresh loaf of bread, nothing tastes better than a freshly made cupcake! The cupcakes must be made fresh on the day of the party / event. They can be picked up as early as 7:30am on the day if needed. We will not take the order if you want to pick up the day before - we have standards!
  • What is the minimum cupcake order?
    Our minimum order is 12 Medium (standard size same flavour) or 24 Mini (bite size same flavour) cupcakes. You can order this amount or any number above. Please do not submit an enquiry / order for less than the minimum order.
  • What is the maximum cupcake order?
    Just how many mouths are you trying to feed? We are more than happy to accept large orders of 1000 cupcakes or more.
  • How do I transport the cupcakes?
    The cupcakes will be in special cupcake boxes so that they are safe to travel in the car. They are best completely flat such as on the front floor or in the car boot. Please ensure you have sufficient flat space in the car so that cupcakes can be transported safely.
  • Where do I collect the cupcakes from?
    Pick up is by appointment only from Chermside West. We will give you all the pick up deets when we finalise your order.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, we do! Our cupcake delivery service is available to the Brisbane area based on availability. Delivery fee is based on delivery location and required delivery time. When you submit your enquiry or order just ask us to include a delivery quote but make sure you include the delivery address.
  • What is your method of payment?
    We happily accept payment by Cash, Direct Deposit, VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Paypal can be arranged for overseas orders.
  • Do you cater for Allergies?
    We do not specifically cater for Allergies such as diary free or egg free. The cupcakes do not contain nuts. If there is a nut allergy please let us know so we can ensure the decorations are also nut free.
  • Do you do gluten free cupcakes?
    We don't specalise in gluten free, but yes, we can do gluten free vanilla option on request in addition to your normal order but there is a minimum order of 12. Generally gluten free cupcakes have minimal / no decoration as we can't guarantee all decorations are gluten free.
  • Do you do vegan cupcakes?
    No, unfortunately we do not cater for vegans sorry!
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