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Cupcakes by K - Brisbane's Best Cupcakes
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“Making the world sweeter, one cupcake at a time”

Cupcakes by K had a humble beginning back in March 2006 after many years of making beautiful cupcakes for family and friends.

Kellie, The Cupcake Queen, had became turned off and frustrated by the cakes and sweets offered in coffee shops and bakery’s which were usually mass produced, frozen, loaded with additives and preservatives and lacked that real home made taste that has become somewhat of a lost art in today’s bustling world.

Whether you are 7 years old or 70, there is something about the unique size of a cupcake that appeals to every generation.  The very special Cupcakes by K vanilla butter cake recipe has been passed down in the family for generations.  So trust us when we say our cupcakes taste like something straight our of Grandma’s kitchen ….

We are a special occasion baker, which means that we bake to order so our cupcakes are always fresh.

Of course, we understand that sometimes you may have an urge to eat a delicious Cupcake by K without having time to place an order, so our Cupcakes by K boutique always has a few extra cupcakes readily available to purchase if you drop by during our boutique during our opening hours.  A Cupcakes by K Gift Box makes the perfect gift for those looking to buy something unique and different.  They will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s day.

Anyone who has stepped foot into our boutique, knows from the crystal chandelier to the antique cash register dated back to 1910, it is a truly unique and beautiful place to visit.  We also stock an extensive range of beautiful gifts, cupcake stands and cupcake decorations at very reasonable prices – instore – or online!

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