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Climbing Groom and Victorious Bride Mix & Match Cake Toppers

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Climbing Groom and Victorious Bride Mix & Match Cake Toppers-climbing, mountain, victory, bride, groom

He's climbed the highest mountain... or cake tier! A whimsical yet modern take on "Rapunzel in the Tower" has the groom struggling to scale a cake tier to reach his cheering bride. This unique figurine is held in place with a porcelain peg that has been added to his elbow. Once inserted into the cake it becomes completely undetectable. Mix and match with our other comical interchangeable cake toppers!

Presently the Bride and Groom Cake Toppers are available with skin tones and hair colours only as shown.

  • Groom -  2.5 cm Long, 14.5 cm Tall, Weight: 68 g, Base: 2.54 x 0.95, Base: 2.54 x 0.95
  • Bride -  7.5 cm Long, 14 cm Tall, Weight: 113 g, Base: 5.08

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